László Aradi

I'm László Aradi, wedding photographer, photojournalist.

I used to learn graphic design, after this in 2009 I started to learn digital studio photography at Fotósarok, then (in 2010) i qualified myself as a photojournalist at MÚOSZ (The Association of Hungarian Journalists). I was an intern at Origo.hu and Magyar Hírlap (daily hungarian newspaper). I have learnt a lot during my internship about showing the feeling of a moment in the most expressive way. I'm trying to develop this knowledge to the highest level. When it comes to wedding-, family- or birthday photos, i prefer spontaneous, honest and well-composed captions over set photos. I believe that these photos will make you smile and remember of the beautiful moments after 5, 10 or 20 years. In 2010 i got the audience award of the WWF - Earht hour photocontest, in 2011 I've been awarded with the Gold Awards prize of The Worldwide Photography Awards: Portraits & People contest.


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